Questão de concurso
Língua Inglesa Gramática - Língua Inglesa
Ano: 2019
Banca: Instituto Brasileiro de Formação e Capacitação - IBFC
Prova: IBFC - Prefeitura de Vinhedo - Prefeitura de Vinhedo - Professor de Educação Básica II - Área Língua Inglesa

Observe o trecho final extraído do Texto 2, em que é empregada a linguagem figurada: Leme finds himself immersed further and further in the dark underbelly of Brazilian society, as corruption seeps from the highest to the lowest echelons, and the devastating truth about Renata begins to emerge. Assinale a alternativa que apresenta o significado expresso pela palavras sublinhadas, respectivamente, no contexto em questão:


to seep: to lose what is inside so that nothing is left; to empty

echelon: an important official who works in a foreign country


to seep: to move or spread slowly out of a hole or through something; to ooze

echelon: a particular level or group of people within an organization


to seep: to make your arms/legs straight so that they are as long as possible; to stretch

echelon: a floor in a large building


to seep: to deceive someone by making them think either that you are going to do something when you really have no intention of doing it; to bluff

echelon: a group of criminals who work together